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Vocabulary development.

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  • Understand the link between a child’s vocabulary and learning to read and write
  • Simple ways to increase children’s vocabulary in activities you are already doing at kindy
  • Free learning plan and ready-to-go practical activities

Links to QKLG Communicating
Key Focus: Exploring and expanding language
– Expanding vocabulary: provides teachers with practical activities and ways of communicating that expands children’s vocabulary.
Key Focus: Exploring literacy in personally meaningful ways
– Engaging with different texts
– Making connections between texts and personal experiences to enhance vocabulary
– Exploring sounds and letters
– Talking about sounds and letters in new vocabulary and how this helps to consolidate learning new words
Key Focus: Exploring numeracy in personally meaningful ways
– Exploring mathematical concepts in everyday life
– exploring measurement: helps educators to how to teach the language of maths (size, quantities, time)
– using everyday language to describe shapes, directions and positions

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