Telling My Story

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How to teach story telling to little ones.

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  • Know why oral storytelling is vital for literacy success at school
  • Using stories to build connection with self, others, community and culture
  • Supporting culturally sensitive ways of storytelling
  • You’ll find a framework for story time in your classroom

Links to QKLG Communicating
Key focus: Exploring and expanding language
– Using language
– interactive and communicating: supports teachers to model storytelling to children so they can confidently communicate personal recounts and retell familiar stories
– expanding vocabulary through storytelling

Key focus: Exploring literacy in personally meaningful ways
Engaging with different texts
– understanding the purposes of texts
– making connections between texts and personal experiences: how to use oral story-telling and reading picture books to make connections with personal experiences

Key focus: Building positive dispositions towards learning
Being imaginative and creative
– creating stories through imaginative and dramatic play
– responding and communicating through the arts

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