Putting Ideas and Thoughts Into Words

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A 5-part course that combines theory of speech development with practical strategies for early childhood educators to support children’s speech.

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  • No prep, evidence-based strategies to improve expressive skills
  • Ideas to help children talk with small and large groups
  • Culturally safe, responsive and inclusive methods to support language development

Links to QKLG Communicating
Key Focus: Exploring and expanding language

  • Using languages including signing
    – Interacting and communicating: Provides strategies for teachers to encourage and extend children’s use of spoken/signed or alternative communication (including first language, SAE, signed, AAC)
  • Listening and Responding
    – Responding to show listening: Provides strategies for teachers to respond to children’s communication attempts in ways that facilitate more opportunities for children to express what they think, verbalise knowledge and provide descriptions.
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