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Easy-to-access speech therapy and early learning education have always been key elements of our mission. 


Growing Words ® Package

8 Modules

An Australian Professional Learning Experience for Early Childhood Educators to help children communicate with confidence so that they are ready for school.

Individual Courses


1.0 Hearing Health

A short course on hearing health and its impact on communication development in early childhood education.


2.0 Speech Sounds

Techniques to help teach speech sounds. Learn how to support all children’s speech sound development.


3.0 Learning To Listen and Understand

Learn how to speak so children listen. The not-so-secret way to help children follow directions.


4.0 Putting Ideas and Thoughts Into Words

Simple steps to help children’s expressive language flourish. Ideas to help children talk with small and large groups.


5.0 Telling My Story

How to teach story telling to little ones. Find a framework for story time in your classroom.


6.0 Literacy GroundWork

Fresh inspiration for pre-literacy skills that set children up for success in the classroom. Quick, simple and evidence based activities you can implement in seconds.


7.0 Stringing Sentences Together

Modelling long and logical sentences. Setting up situations for sentence-making success.


8.0 Vocabulary

Understand the link between a child’s vocabulary and learning to read and write. Includes a learning plan and ready-to-go practical activities.




Live Online Full Day Workshop

9.00am - 3.00pm

Join Early Childhood Teachers and Educators from across Australia for this interactive online learning experience. You'll gain insights and ideas to help children communication with confidence so that they are ready for school.


Words To Grow acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands, sea, sky and waterways on which we live and work. We pay our respects to the Elders past and present who continue cultural and spiritual connections to country. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, cultures and ways of being as valuable and significant to Australia and to our work as speech pathologists and educators.


Words To Grow pays deep respect to Sharon “mirri” Bell for her soulful acknowledgement of Elders and Country in her song Walking on Country – Ngurambangga Yanhanha in the language of the Wiradyuri people. Sharon is a musician and storyteller working in Early Childhood Education and you can view her music and work at Indigenous Insights. 

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